AWMB Book Club

Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins

David Goggins is often called “The Fittest Man in the World.” He is the ONLY man in history to complete elite training as a US Navy SEAL, Army Ranger,

Ladies Of Laughter with Noreen Khan

JOY: A feeling of great happiness or pleasure. One of the things we talk about at our workshop is the significance of JOY.  The importance of bringing laughter, lightness
AWMB Book Club

Dadima’s: Celebrating Grandmother’s Wisdom Through Indian Cooking

Dadima’s: Celebrating Grandmother’s Wisdom Through Indian Cooking is Anneeka Ludhra’s debut memoir cookbook.  It has a very unique format in that each chapter starts with a dadima (grandmother) who

What is the AWMB Workshop really like? By Rosie Manku

As I made my way through the Oxfordshire countryside, London-bound for a workshop, I thought about the contribution I would make in this group of successful business women and
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Salima Manji : Luxury Designers Club

                  Salima is a serial entrepreneur having launched one business and successfully sold it, she founded Luxury Designers Club in 2018.
AWMB Inspiration

Jaspreet Kaur : Hipster Veggie

            Jaspreet Kaur AKA Hipster Veggie is a UK based nutrition and wellness coach with a passion for skin care and menstrual health. With
AWMB Book Club

The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. Review by Lois Beim

                      Book Review by Lois Beim “The body keeps the score” by Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk is a

Ignite Your Life Workshop. Sunday 13th January 2019.

  Do you know what kind of life you want? Do you know how to make it happen? Are you looking for clarity on what your life’s purpose is?

Baby Brain Tea n Talk Event

Baby Brain Tea n Talk  For some time now we have been avid followers of a blogger called Harps at who shares eloquently and candidly her real experiences
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Anni Ludhra : Founder dadima’s

Anni – Founder dadima’s  ‘I think setbacks are an integral part of growth’ Anni is founder of dadimas, (which means grandmother’s), a heritage food brand she launched, inspired by her