We are a community that connects Asian Women both on and offline. We are unlocking the silent strength that lies in Asian Women in Business by: inspiring, championing , connecting and collaborating like minded women. Our aim is to provide a unique environment where women can experience empathy and understanding to share their business journeys and entrepreneurial dreams. We are finding that our women are connected by their cultural beliefs, their outlook but most importantly their desire to achieve success in the business environment whilst remaining true to their family, their culture and their faith.

Why is it needed?

We felt AWMB was needed because although we know the Asian community is entrepreneurial and has experienced great success, with British Asian businesses contributing between 6-10% of UK’s GDP despite only making up 4% of population. The Global Enterprise Monitor, 2005 showed that Asian women (10.3%) were three times more likely than white women (3.6%) to engage in entrepreneurial activity. However, Black women are four times more likely than Asian women to start and grow their businesses. We commissioned research into the attitudes, motivations and thoughts of Asian women in business. We wanted to understand why the gap between black women engaging in entrepreneurial activity was significantly higher than Asian women.

Our Aim

To change the economic landscape of the UK by encouraging more Asian women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by starting and growing their businesses