#AWMBinspiration…Day 1…Noreen Khan!

To kick start our new campaign #AWMBinspiration we’ve got an exclusive interview with the much loved, BBC Asian Networks DJ Noreen Khan. As well as being an amazing host, Noreen Khan went on to start her very own clothing business, and now we want to share her thoughts with you!
What made you want to start your own business?
I’ve always been entrepreneurial! I had my own clothing boutique when I was just 21, so it’s been in me for some time and this year felt the right time to get back into business.
How did you come up with your idea?
I’d been thinking about it for some time. Then when I started working with a bespoke designer, we went through extensive ideas and conversations, and it just sort of happened.
What’s been the toughest part of the journey?
The toughest part for me is trying to find enough hours in the day to fit it all in. As you know I have a very busy Media career with my radio show and hosting commitments, so that element has been hard.
What are your fears?
I don’t really have fears… My motto is ‘nothing should be feared, only understood’
What are your hopes?
I hope to expand my clothing business and in the future to branch out into other things. Which she has with her Accessories!
How did you come up with your business plan?
A business plan comes with logically and strategically planning your business forecast and mapping out exactly what you have in mind, so that’s what I did.
How did you finance the business?
I finance my business through my personal savings – I’m quite good with money!
What do your family and friends think of it?
Everyone I know loves my business venture and have been very supportive of me, which is great.
What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are right now?
I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of weekends and downtime to try and get everything done. I’m a very motivated person, so have no qualms about giving up socialising or fun time to get my work done. At times I’ve had to sacrifice a bit of family time, but I always make sure I make time for those who are close to me. You have to find a good balance!
What are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of turning some of my dreams into reality… Having the most listened to radio show and my own clothing line. I have more dreams though and I’m working on them!
What are your tips for any other ladies wanting to start a business?
I would say to anyone wanting to start a business; do your market research, if your idea seems viable then go for it wholeheartedly and be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and hours to achieve your goals. Above all, don’t give up on anything that you believe in!
You can keep up to date with Noreen by following her on Twitter @DJNoreenKhan and of course, take a look at her clothing range and accessories! http://www.officialnoreenkhan.com/noreen-khan-couture/

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