#AWMBinspiration…Day 100…Daldeep Poonia!

For our 100th (and final!) AWMBinspiration we wanted to honour our wonderful intern Daldeep who has been a fantastic source of support, energy and ideas this summer! AWMB Inspiration was her idea – 100 days of daily inspiration, shining a spotlight on people, books, videos and ideas that have inspired us and our community. After much reluctance from her part we managed to squeeze these answers out of her…enjoy!
How did you get the idea for #AWMBinspiration?
After successfully completing the 100 happy days challenge last year, I thought this would be a great way to engage and inspire everyone we reach. By sharing an inspirational person or item on a daily basis, we would be able to remind the people involved how amazing they really are and we are able to encourage everyone else to follow their dreams too! By hearing from others who have made something from nothing from a similar situation, we as a community are able to encourage people to follow their dreams!
What has it been like pulling the posts together?
After reading so many different responses from all of the fabulous people we have featured it has been a great experience and a project that I am happy that I thought of doing. It’s been such a great three months shining a light on the great talent that we have and the surprise facts never fail to deliver too!
So, what inspires you?
I’m inspired by many different things.
Family inspires me, because I want to do well for them, so they can be proud of me. By having the support of my family I have been able to graduate and get a job at Sky – which I never thought I’d be able to do.
People who have made something from nothing after following their dreams inspire me on a daily basis.
Nature inspires my thoughts, creativity is key in my world and I love nothing more than to go for a long walk to soak up my beautiful surroundings.
What have you learnt from 100 days of #AWMBinspiration?
I have learnt to never stop chasing my dreams. When other people share their success stories, it just makes me think about what you can actually achieve in life.
People from different circumstances have become life changing inspirations for different people.
‘Live for the moment!’
We agree Daldeep! Thank you for adding your sparkle to AWMB this summer!
You can connect with Daldeep on Twitter: @daldeepk

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