#AWMBinspiration…Day 15…Summayyah Hussain!

Summayyah Hussain from Walsall, is currently supporting the ambitious plans within the Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship (IAE) at Coventry University. Her responsibility is to embed a culture of enterprise, open innovation and business support to new and existing SME’s across the West Midlands.

This exciting time in her career has helped her to gain valuable experience and knowledge in business development and business start up within the higher education sector.

Summayyah is also a self taught Henna Artist and is the owner of Mya Mehndi. Over the last 10 years she has adorned many brides with beautiful traditional Indian henna patterns. However due to the demands of her full time role she has had to currently put Mehndi Work on hold.

So, we caught up with Summayyah and here’s what she had to say.

1) What inspires you?

I’m inspired by risk. Starting something I have no idea how to finish, but having the strong belief that it can be successfully done. Also, I’m inspired by my father, who was a great entrepreneur at heart and role model for me.

2) What’s your message to AWMB community?

If you are facing difficulties embrace them, challenge them and resolve them, as you do not know what opportunity can come out of difficult times! So, always remain optimistic and never give up, even if it’s all not going to plan, there is light at the end of the tunnel, believe me! Your difficulties are there to strengthen you and they shape who you are!

3) Tell us something that would surprise us about you?

I have a huge family, there are 13 of us! I have 8 brothers and there are us 5 sisters, all from the same parents! I am number 11. I have lost count of how many nephews and nieces I have! But my huge family play a big part in my life.

Summayyah is a keen networker and considers herself to be a extrovert at heart. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter or Linkedin @Mya3010 

Summayyah Hussain – Project Officer, Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship at Coventry University – Linkedin

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