#AWMBinspiration…Day 20…Start with the WHY!

On the 18th July it was Nelson Mandela International Day, where he was a pioneering inspirational leader that believed in his cause for racial freedom to the point of his death.

Today we want to share this TED.com talk with you on how great leaders inspire. Simon Sinek shares a simple but powerful model on for inspirational leaders that starts with the golden circle and the question WHY?

Most companies know what they are selling and what they are doing. They know how to do what they do. According to Sinek, this is a problem because knowing your WHY is the most important principle of any business….hands down!

In this clip, Sinek references Apple, Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers…..all who are inspirational in some form or shape.

The why is what motivates people’s behaviour. It’s what gets them to believe your cause, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” In short, belief matters and this is true for selling iPhones , as it motivates employees, and for inspiring social change.

Simon Sinek also points out in his talk that Dr. Martin Luther King gave the world famous speech “I Have A Dream” and not “I Have A Plan” speech. There is a difference.

So our message is for you to remember WHY you started your business, why you chose the work you do and to realise you have a purpose and it matters!



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