#AWMBinspiration…Day 27…Simi Gandhi-Whitaker!

Simi (3)

With over 15 years in the Construction and Facilities Management industry in various roles, Simi is a Board Director with a strong vision, commitment and track record of winning work through bespoke customer-led solutions. She has a strong ethos of exceeding expectations in order to inspire individuals and teams to achieve both their business and personal targets. She recently was announced as a top ten finalist for Women in the City Future Leaders Award. Member of Women in Facilities Management and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Mentor.

What inspires you?

Credible people who work hard and take pride in what they do only to be successful for themselves. I remember visiting India as a child with my mum and sitting in a little restaurant looking out the window and seeing quite an old lady separating a huge pile of rubbish ready for recycling. I remember thinking how she was so engrossed in doing a good job, regardless of what it entailed.

As I progress in my career, I thoroughly enjoy meeting such fantastic business women from all walks of life doing what they do best whilst juggling families and other commitments. I always think that with careful planning and a strong support network, it really is possible to have it all.

My husband continues to inspire me. I am blessed and amazed at how supportive he is about me moving up the jungle gym. He is a true feminist and I am super proud to have him in my life.

What’s your message to AWMB community?

Be proud to be different! Being from an Asian background and the cultural lessons one gains from childhood are a great foundation for the skills needed to succeed in business: strong work ethic, never giving up and of course having a voice in amongst the very many relatives!

“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.” Madonna.

Always be curious and if you truly believe you deserve ‘it’ and have worked hard, then go and get it! But never stop being thankful and always appreciate those support networks whom have helped you achieve your aspirations.

Tell us something that would surprise us about you?
In my twenties I was on The Price is Right and scored 90 on the spinning wheel getting me through to final. Unfortunately, I was way out on my overall value and didn’t win the car, holiday etc! I did however, win a cutlery set which my sister still has and £100 – with which I bought all my mates a drink, that night in Manchester!


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