#AWMBinspiration…Day 40…The Asian Today!


On day 39 we give you…The Asian Today! A fantastic paper which has been proudly serving the Midlands community for 13 years as one of the leading British Asian newspapers. As the Midlands premier English language Asian paper it has filled a much-needed gap in the publications marketplace. The Asian Today was created to inform, educate and enlighten the British South-Asian population offering local, national and international news.

With the addition of several new team members the paper has been able to cover new ground and push the limits of investigative journalism without the fear of cultural sensitivity.

By continuing to inform and educate readers, The Asian Today, maintains a long tradition of an impartial, balanced and objective publication. The newspaper has always been committed to celebrating and promoting diversity which include working with other diverse organisations. For a change we interviewed them – here is what they have to say!


What inspires you?

 The Asian Today was set up as a platform for the community to voice their concerns. However, over the years it has become a place to highlight the achievements of the Asian community – showcasing the best of a community which doesn’t get the most positive of exposure. This inspires us, to carry on and shine a spotlight on section of society that has so much to shout about.


What’s your advice to the AWMB community?

 Dream your wildest dreams and then dream a little more. Always seize an opportunity, but always remember your roots – they will keep you true to your principles. Most importantly, don’t be a footnote in somebody else’s story. Be happy with what you have whilst working for what you want. Always be positive.


Tell us something that would surprise us?

Something that started as a free philanthropic approach to the community, quickly turned into a business project due to the popularity and recognition of the paper. This shows that with dedication, passion and faith everything is possible. Times may be difficult and the newspaper industry may be in decline – however, The Asian Today is going from strength to strength. .


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