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Gurpreet Bachu is a member of the senior management team, she oversees all office management, systems and finance at UK’s premier music and arts development agency, Punch Records.

Punch Records create, tour and programme work and provide innovative educational programmes for young people, where she has contributed in writing and producing Punch’s diploma modules in creative media for secondary school pupils.

As well as supporting programme delivery, Gurpreet had led on successful projects celebrating Desi Culture and artists on various media platforms including; Punch’s 2014 Soho Road to the Punjab exhibition in Sandwell and was part of the team that took the show to New York in 2011.

She produced dance competitions such as Midlands Best Dance Crew and the award winning Desi Moves cultural Olympiad project in 2012 and 2013.

Earlier this year, Gurpreet was given a fantastic opportunity, of becoming the label manager and brand specialist for Playback Records, home to world renowned Asian Artist PBN and Team PBN.

Gurpreet Bachu..












What inspires me?

People and what they do and what they achieve inspires me, be it my family, friends, work colleagues and generally positive people. Well-being and health is very important and feelings of contentment, enjoyment, confidence and engagement with the world is all a part of this. Helping people also inspires me and in my spare time I like to keep active in raising awareness of Women’s wellbeing striving to inspire other women. Having gone through a traumatic experience myself, I have always wanted to share my own journey – not only to raise awareness, but to celebrate the success of who we are in the present moment.

As part of this I have taken part in campaigns such as What a Woman Needs #WAWN, a series of events for women to share their life stories and to inspire confidence, increase self-worth and empower women. This was really inspiring for me as it was the first time I shared my story in public and through this it has given me strength and confidence to support similar events and campaigns such as Your Magnificent Wellness #YMW2015 raising funds for charities such as MIND – for Mental Health. I have also taken a keen interest in writing and had my first feature in the summer issue in the online magazine Your Personal Bridal Dreams created by Bridal Dreams, being interviewed as a real bride talking about real life experiences and top tips for when planning your wedding.


What’s my message to AWMB Community?

Firstly my message would be, to always be thankful to where you are and appreciate what you have that others may not have. It’s about celebrating the success of who we are in the present moment but also striving to help and inspire others by creating spaces and platforms for sharing moments in one’s life, good or bad, helping to embrace each person, learning to accept and love who we really are.

You need to believe in yourself, keep your head up but keep your heart strong. Every person will go through a testing or bad time in their life but to remember those good times and even greater days will come. Stay humble and try to be positive, this goes a long way in enabling you to be focus and will help to achieve your goals in life.

Lastly, what I would say is try to be a good person and not to hurt people. Show people love, support and respect, be there for your friends and family and don’t forget what others have done for you either.


Something that would surprise you about me.

Interesting question!

Something that certainly surprised myself and was a great achievement for me, was being voted for ‘Miss Street Cred 2013’, where I was described as a young positive, forward thinking and inspirational role model that other, young and old, males and females can aspire to.

I also have a passion for Bhangra music and dance and for the past year and a half have been learning by the talent Bhangra female team, Asian Street Remix where I have been told I can bust a move or two.

Gurpreet Bachu











Feel free to connect with Gurpreet via her social sites or drop her an email

Twitter @GurpreetBachu

Instagram @Gbusiness

Email: gurpreet@pbnmusic.co.uk / gurpreet@punch-records.co.uk

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