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We caught up with Rupinder Bains and here’s what she had to say!

I am the Managing Director of a successful niche law firm: Pinder Reaux & Associates. We have built up a fearsome reputation for fighting our client’s corner, often applying solutions and methodology that is completely ‘left field’. We were the first law firm to take on Internet giant Facebook and obtained an injunction against them compelling them to release information retained by them.  Now working regularly for matters concerning the internet, our firm has regular contact with Google and Twitter – to name but a few. The firm’s success with internet related matters now sees me regularly appearing on television and radio to provide my thoughts and opinions on online issues as well as conducting presentations in front of government departments and organisations.


What inspires you?

Success and being the best that I can possibly be.

Lawyers are ten a penny: but in an ever evolving world, keeping up with the times and making sure that you are on top of your game is a real challenge and anyone that knows me, knows that I certainly cannot back away from a challenge. I have never just wanted to be like everyone else – one of our business principles in our office is that just because the answer is not in a text book, it does not mean that you cannot find an answer: be creative; be strategic: be one step ahead.

Having a strong business partner inspires me. My business partner, John Spyrou shares the same passion that I have for our firm and has a fantastic legal brain that constantly keeps me on my toes –  there’s certainly no time for slacking when there’s two of you wanting to drive the business.

Other successful business women, juggling work, home and families also inspire me: knowing that I am not the only mad person out there, turning day in to night to make my business a success. My kids also inspire me – having a boy and a girl, I feel there is a valuable, but different lesson to teach both of them by them seeing their mother as a successful Asian woman in business.


What’s your message to the AWMB community?

Nothing is impossible.

When I was 16, I will never forget my careers teacher telling my dad that his strong advice was to persuade me not to follow a career in law, as it was a ‘male dominated and white dominated profession’! Despite this resonating with my dad and causing him a little anxiety about my future, I became more determined. My route to where I am today, was certainly not plain sailing and I have had some really rocky moments: but remaining focussed and determined and really wanting to succeed – led me to where I am today… having an understanding husband and family to back you all the way helps too!


Tell us something that would surprise us about you.

I once had to attend HMP Belmarsh to meet a new client that I had never met before and was wrongly put in a room, in to which the 7/7 London bombing suspects had been placed. I remember a strange sense of recognising faces and whilst I shook hands with them and began speaking with them, I had a very strange feeling inside. It did not take the prison wardens long to realise that they had placed the wrong prisoners with me and literally ran to fix the issue. They let me know the identities of the individuals that I had spent the last 10 minutes with and I remember feeling a little queasy. A couple of days later, I received letters from them, asking if I would take their cases on. My answer, No. Yes, everyone has the right to representation of their choice – but there was no way I could look  myself in the face by taking on this matter. This was the only ever case/instructions that I have refused in my life, so far!


Make sure you connect with Rupinder!

Email: rbains@pinderreaux.com

Web: www.pinderreaux.com

Twitter: @rupinderbainsuk

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