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We caught up with Anita: Hobby Cooks and here’s what she had to say!

Founder of the home cooking school called HOBBY COOKS in Midlands from my family kitchen. I love to teach, inspire people to cook at home, enjoy good food that is simple and comforting and share home cooking experiences. I believe where there is food, there is laughter and contentment. I do cookery demonstrations and teach at various cookery schools as well as managing my own!


What made you want to start your own business?

I always wanted to experiment teaching in various fields from early years to arts and crafts, music and cooking!

I always found people loved to eat but knew very little about how it’s made and most of all if it was good for their health and wellbeing. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to impart this knowledge to others so they can benefit and pass it on to the next generation. The concept of Food and taste is changing rapidly and it fascinates me what the world has to offer and the only way is to explore and learn.

Cooking is a life skill and this idea sparked up my small business plan for people to start developing this cooking skill as a hobby first and take it from there.

Hence I started this venture to teach about Indian cooking as its what I’ve grown up with and wanted to share it with people and I believe that recipes are brought to life by cooking and not stay as a print in cookery books!


What inspires me?

Inspiration is driven from within, however I draw my inspiration from life experiences and every day from the moment I wake up – being a mother of two, I am constantly planning the next meal for my family and somewhere along there I want my kids to get involved in learning and interacting as the Kitchen is often the hub for conversations. I enjoy listening to what they say and picture a mood board in my mind to make it work.

The magic code is to motivate yourself and try something new out of your comfort zone and accept all days are not going to be as you planned! I look at others who have marked their success through hard work and they have stumbled too! So take the plunge and stay positive!

I love travelling and being a foodie and love what different cultures and cuisines have to offer and experiment that in my own cooking!


What would your message be to AWMB community?

Life is full of possibilities! Don’t underestimate yourself and make time for yourself as its important to be YOU. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because of many reasons, and I did not stop and listen to my inner voice and take that leap of faith that I could do it. Fortunately my family and friends gave me that confidence to chase my dreams.

You can’t start something unless you try! So take a chance and make that change!


Tell us something that would surprise us about you.

Quite frankly I surprise myself and others everyday! I love being spontaneous and do a lot of random first time things that clearly is called weird to some! To name a few…

I love to sing and dance while I am cooking – I was called nightingale of my school!

I am addicted to my camera 24/7 and kitchen gadgets!

I ran my first 10k for Cancer research without any training and practically jumped out of bed to go for my run!


Make sure you connect with Anita: Hobby Cooks!

Facebook: Hobby Cooks

Twitter: @HobbyCooks

Website: www.hobbycooks.co.uk

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