#AWMBinspiration…Day 8…Anjula Devi!

Today we are featuring the tasty cooking and food entrepreneur Anjula Devi who was inspired by her father to start her business. Born and bred in West London she quickly became curious about the variety of foods available and how to get the most out of them by using spices and fresh produce.


1) What inspires you?

I have a number of sources of inspiration. I love, love, love, authentic traditional Indian food, and the endless recipe possibilities that such a wonderful cuisine provides. I wake up wondering what I am going to make for breakfast, and the rest of the day follows in the same manner. I am at my very happiest in the kitchen creating a brand new recipe or re-creating my version of an old classic. I recently made white chocolate, raspberry and cardamom samosas, and I made a dish which I hadn’t made since I was a little girl – lamb and amla curry. Also on Twitter, one of my current themes is #100waystocook potatoes, which speaks for itself.

I am also hugely inspired by children with special educational needs, and I spend time helping their development and learning through cooking. Currently I am actively working with a wonderful charity called ‘Action against Hunger’, as I think that their work is inspirational. I took the £1 a day challenge recently, where you raise money by spending less than £1 each day, for five consecutive days, on food and drink.

2) What’s your message to AWMB community?

I think that it would be to endorse and amplify the message in the words ‘Asian Women Mean Business’. I would encourage all of your readers to follow their dreams and ambitions. I set up my own business a short number of years ago, and with hindsight I should have done this a long time ago. Since founding my business, I have conquered many knowledge and skills gaps, which I used to feel could hold me back. I have set up my own cooking school, I am Associate Editor for Good Things Magazine, and have set up my own brand ‘Route 207’ which remembers the journey I used to take with my Dad as a little girl to buy spices, fresh fish and produce from Shepherd’s Bush Market.

3) Tell us something that would surprise us about you?

That’s always a good question! Well let’s try a few small ‘revelations’, and hopefully at least one may surprise AWMB readers. I started to learn how to cook at the age of ten – my father was my food inspiration. I can balance and blend any combination of up to thirty spices with perfect results. I was an Olympic torchbearer in 2012, rewarding the work I do as a carer and with children with special educational needs. One of my ambitions is to climb a mountain – I really must set a date for this!

Thanks Anjula for your contribution to our campaign.
For more information about her work and to get some mouth watering recipes click www.anjuladevi.com and Follow her on twitter @anjuladevi

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