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Women’s Coach of the Year 2014, APCTC award winner, Jenny Garrett is a sought after executive coach and trainer, author of Rocking Your Role, the how to guide to success for female breadwinners, speaker, founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy and Co-Founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC.

Jenny mentors women entrepreneurs and executives internationally for the Cherie Blair Foundation and was a finalist for the PRECIOUS Mentor of the Year 2012. She is a selected Sage Business Expert.

Jenny is creator of the ground-breaking online coaching programme https://www.happenistaproject.com am an award winning executive coach and author.

We caught up with Jenny and here’s what she had to say!


What inspires you?

So much inspires me: nature, art, people who choose to do extraordinary things, poetry. As a coach people share their personal stories with me, I am always in awe of their experiences and how they achieved their success so far!


What’s your message to AWMB community?

You CAN craft the life you want, your way! Rip up the rule book and the way it’s always been done and create a new path!


Tell us something that would surprise us about you.

I once piloted an aerobatics plane, it was terrifying!


Make sure you connect with Jenny!

Twitter: @jennifergarret
Website: Reflexion Associates
Website: Rocking Your Role
Phone: 0844 776 4744

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