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Sukhy is an inventor and MD of the multi award winning brand Milkysnugz. Milkysnugz were developed to support breast to bottle transition, allowing mums to breast feed for longer while they went back to their daily routine, also allowing dads/partners to fee and bond with baby.

Sukhy comes from a corporate background, which she left because ‘I want to leave the world behind a better place than I found it’. She developed a product that did not exist which has helped hundreds of women continue with breast feeding. Milkysnugz pick’s up mums smell, keeps breast milk at a constant temperature for longer and enables baby to feel like they are with mum but it doesn’t matter who’s feeding. Now that the baby has built an association with its Milkysnugz, transitioning to formula if parents wish, sipper spouts, water bottles is smoother and they can take something familiar to their childcare setting too.
Milkysnugz are available in Mothercare, Babies r Us, Tesco, on their own e-commerce site and many independent stores across the UK. They are exported to Russia, South Africa and the USA.
2015 saw Sukhy win awards and accoldates:
  • Emerging entrepreneur of the year
  • British Indian entrepreneur of the year
  • Finalist for international and retail business of the year.
She has  also supported other individuals that want to take ideas from concept to retail, having successfully completed three projects this year from start to finish, all products have been placed with distributors and are now stocked by major retailers.

We loved catching up with her and know you will enjoy hearing more about this incredible woman!

What inspires you?
 The Iron Lady really inspired me. I inspire me, as well as other women who go above and beyond the call of duty. Women who champion others inspire me, it’s so easy to bring one another down, when we should be building each other up and shouting about our success! Learning from our lessons sharing what we learnt and to believe that our journey is greater than us, therefore we must get up and go do.


What’s your message to AWMB community? 
 As an English women with Indian heritage, I break most if not all of the cultural boundaries, I do it quite successfully actually, that’s just me, it’s who I am and my parents/husband have always supported me in staying true to myself and I am very blessed.
As women we must unite and help one another, we all have it in us to cause change, yet the fear stops so many amazing women from doing what they were truly meant to do. Well let’s not stand alone anymore and champion one another to bring our dreams to life.


Tell us something that would surprise us about you?
 Last year, I flew to Florida to launch Milkysnugz. I was aired on a shopping channel that went live to nearly 52 million homes across America, yet ask me to stand up in a room full of people and talk I get quite shy!
I still own 100% of my company and have had no external investment.
You can connect with Sukhy on Twitter: @SukhyJaveed and

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