#AWMBinspiration…Day 47…Brad Burton!

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Brad Burton is the managing director and founder of the national business network: 4Networking Ltd.

Don’t let the jeans, tattoos and t-shirt fool you, Brad is a true entrepreneur.

Brought up on a council estate, he’s got no qualifications, spent years on dole and started his first business in 2006 with £25,000 of personal debt.

He delivered pizzas to keep his start-up business afloat and his dream alive.

That business, 4Networking, revitalised a once tired UK business networking scene and it now dominates by running over 5,000 events each year!


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He packs halls with his standing-room-only seminars and is regarded as the UK’s #1 motivational business speaker.

Brad is the author of 3 books, including the highest rated biz book on Amazon, his latest book LIFE. BUSINESS. JUST GOT EASIER is currently storming the charts. You can get your copy of the book here! He is the highest rated and reviewed biz author!


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Brad will change the way you approach your life, business & direction forever!

Take a look at this video: Sky TV: Fortune Hunter with Brad Burton to get to know a little bit more about Brad


What inspires you?

Making a positive difference.

First and foremost to your personal life.

I grew up on the mean streets of Manchester and it’s safe to say I was on the wrong side of tracks back in day. It only took me about 32 years, I’m now 42, but I’ve completely turned my life around, and that is what I do with other people too. My main aim is to help find happiness.

In life, we all chase success, but, what is success? Many may regard a nice house, nice cars, lots of money as success, but really for the vast majority, to be happy is to be successful. That is where I come in, I help people to find happiness within their current circumstances!


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What’s your message to the AWMB community?

There is a massive opportunity for business at this current time, we’re out of the recession and our economy is on the up.

Now it the perfect time for small businesses to be doing big business!

When I started my business, there were no grants, I had to push through. I had no professional qualifications and no business acumens.

The thing to keep in mind is: what can you do today, with what you’ve already got?

Look to the AWMB community around you, you already have an established support network. For any business, it is all fair and well to look at spread sheets and come up with business plans, but there are going to be times when you are feeling down and alone, so that’s where you have an advantage, look to your community for support and guidance.


Tell us something that would surprise us about you.

I used to be on TV in the early 90’s. I was on GamesMaster as a regular contributor for Channel 4, but my television career didn’t last too long because I discovered nightclubs!

(We at @A_W_M_B have attached the video for you to have a look at!)


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Brad Burton: The Wonder Years
GamesMaster TV show, 1993/1994


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