#AWMBinspiration…Day 59…Kiran Singh!

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We caught up with Kiran Singh, take a look at what she’s got to say!

Multi-Award Winning Mumpreneur, born and brought up in Norway, now based in London since Summer 2008 with my lively 11 year old daughter. I am a Life Coach at Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire, an Author and Residential & Hospitality Interior Designer at  STUDIO KIRAN SINGH, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Vivacious MumMy Unique Home and Passion for Food. I run a local support group for single parents through Gingerbread. Expert at The Women’s Room,  HerSay Expert and Interior Expert at Just Do Property.


My Achievements:

# 1st runner-up for Women’s Empowering Award, Nov 2012

# Won Silver Website for My Unique Home, July 2013

# Won the Inspirational Award in March 2014

# Won Bronze Website Award for Vivacious Mum, April 2014

# Won the Design & Creative Award at Asian Professional Awards, Nov 2014

# Won Silver Website Award for Studio Kiran Singh, Jan 2015

# Won Silver Website Award for Passion for Food, Jan 2015

# Finalist ‘Best in Creative Industries’ category at the 3rd Annual British Indian Awards, April 2015

# Won Silver Website Award for Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire! April 2015

# Winner of Star Awards 2015


What inspires you?

Everything around me inspires me. Waking up in the morning, a walk, cooking, interior designing, helping others, my daughter, me-time, reading, movies, working on my businesses (of course!). You just need to keep your eyes and heart open, there’s inspiration everywhere to be seen and felt.


What’s your message to AWMB community?

My vision is that my message will remind you daily to be grateful for what you have but mindful of what you can become. Life’s challenges come in all sizes, shapes and colours. You already possess the inner strength to deal with any situation. My mission is to encourage women to honour their inner strength and celebrate their unique, personal path through life. Most importantly; Be kind today… to yourself, remember to be a good friend to yourself, accept that you’re doing your best, love your perfect imperfections, be mindful of what you need and give it to yourself, and surround yourself with people who honour, love and cherish you for who you are.


Tell us something that would surprise us about you?

I have been told by many that I come across like a snob / very posh, like on my website, social media etc., but once you come to know me I am the complete opposite. Very simple and down to earth.


You can connect with Kiran across Social Media

Website Kiran Singh

Facebook Studio Kiran Singh

Twitter @kiransingh

Twitter @vivaciousmum

Facebook Vivacious Mum

Website Design The Life Style You Desire

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