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Irpreet Kaur Kohli is an Associate in the Family Team at Child & Child in Belgravia. She is becoming increasing renown for her specialism dealing with International and Asian clients whose cases involve cultural and specific religious aspects and has been recognised by the legal directory Chambers UK as well as being a shortlisted nominee in the legal category at the Asian Professional Awards 2015.

Whilst advising her clients, Irpreet realised that there was a real need for Asian clients who needed advice regarding their divorces and separation to have a lawyer who understood their backgrounds, the cultural reasons they made the decision they did and to have the general support and empathy of their solicitor through an emotionally difficult time.

Irpreet has a sound understanding of the impact of overseas marriages (such as an Islamic Nikah) or divorces (such as an Islamic Talaq or Khula) on English proceedings and navigating the client through complicated and lengthy legal applications as swiftly as possible. Irpreet is also able to ensure that the financial proceedings properly deal with cultural and religious considerations such as the return or the payment of the ‘Mehr’ (often referred to as dowry) and the impact that being divorced is likely to have particularly on female divorcees with regards to future relationships.

Much of Irpreet’s work is through previous clients and word-of-mouth referrals which in itself, is a testament to the personal, human and sympathetic client service she provides.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by the strength that people find within themselves when times are the hardest.

I have had many individuals, often women, come and see me, broken, at the first meeting, unsure of where they are going to end up and how they are going to navigate their way through what is, in many cases, the most emotional and traumatic experience of their lives.

Somewhere along the process, with the right help and support, they find their way and usually by the time they no longer need my assistance, they are in a stronger place and much further than they ever imagined they would be at that first meeting.

Above all, having the belief that you can achieve what you want and change your life for the better – whilst ‘keeping it real’ – that inspires me.


What’s your message to AWMB community?

With the work I do, I hear about the sides of people’s lives that are usually kept behind closed doors and behind the façade of a happy smile that many people have.

My message would be appreciate the small things and be grateful for your blessings every day. If you work hard, then by all means, enjoy your successes – you’ve earned them – but make sure you don’t lose sight of the small everyday things that you begin to take for granted, such as your friends, your family, your health and being in the position you are.

Whilst it sounds a little clichéd, I see first-hand what can happen when people forget who they are and what is really important until it’s often too late.

Follow your dreams but enjoy the present too.


Tell us something that would surprise us about you?

My favourite type of music is the cheesiest stuff from the 80s and 90s. I grew up listening to Heart and Magic’s late show so rather than be as up to speed on the latest Hindi and Bhangra tunes, I’m more likely to be singing loudly (and badly – if I’m honest) to a bit of George Michael or S Club 7 – sad but true!


Feel free to connect with Irpreet if you need any family law advice on divorce, separation or dealing with the arrangements for the children.

Email irpreetkohli@childandchild.co.uk

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Twitter @asianfamilylaw

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