#AWMBinspiration…Day 69…Nazia Nasreen!











We caught up with Nazia Nasreen and here’s what she had to say!

I am 29 years old. I am a mother of two, an Audiologist and the founder of UK’s first online Islamic Toy store. Our mission is to nurture faith in young hearts and make religious learning fun and interactive. At Ibraheem Toy House we believe every child should be proud of their religious identity and we help parents achieve this by providing unique, educational and fun products that are not easily available on the high street.











What inspires you?

I am totally inspired by successful hard working mothers. I am constantly trying to balance my time between my business and motherhood duties and I love reading about how other working mums manage their time. I am also inspired by my children. They motivate me to work hard and give me that energy to fulfil my dreams and make my business a success. I love reading about people who leave their successful careers and income to start their own business because they are passionate about their business idea and focus their energy 100% on their business goals, those who don’t give up and motivate others to follow their dreams.


What’s your message to the AWMB community?

If you have a business idea – don’t wait or think too much, start today. Work hard, have a plan and all you need is some patience, determination and self belief. You won’t know until you give it a go.

To stay motivated attend networking events and surround yourself with like minded people who believe in you and push you to work hard. Read about successful entrepreneurs, listen to webinars and attend lectures on marketing and business development. Set yourself goals and stay positive and focus your energy on achieving your goals. Work hard and the results will follow.


Tell us something that would Surprise us about you?

I trained as an Audiologist and never thought I would be selling Islamic toys and books in the future. When I started my business while I was on my maternity leave I decided I won’t go back to my Audiology job. I decided to work from home so I did not continue my registration with the appropriate medical body. However 8 months after starting my business I realised I needed some form of income to grow and invest into my business as I had spent every single penny on my business and had no choice but to register myself as an Audiologist. I was very lucky to find work for two days a week as I can bring in some money and have some time on the business too.









You can connect with Nazia on her social sites

Facebook: Ibraheem Toy House

Instagram: Ibraheem Toy House

Twitter: @IbraheemToy

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