Can Women Have It All? Twitter Chat 3 Nov ’15










Once again the headlines have been blazing about our ability as women to have it all – ‘all’ referring to a thriving career and a fulfilling home life.

This time the headlines were generated based on an article by head teacher Vivienne Durham, of independent Francis Holland Regent’s Park to Absolutely Education magazine. She has been quoted saying “I’m sorry, I’m not a feminist. I believe there is a glass ceiling – if we tell them there isn’t one, we are telling them a lie.” Read her interview here: Telegraph

So, our topic for #AsianWomenMeanBiz twitter chat this evening is ‘Can women have it all?’ Is it possible to combine a busy career with a full home life? Or do compromises have to be made? What do you tell yourself and the younger generation of women?

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts and have your input. Join us on Twitter LIVE at 7pm by following our hashtag #AsianWomenMeanBiz




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