Confessions of an AWMB Intern: A Wish List to My Bosses

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Confession: Secretly, all I demand from my bosses, Rupinder and Panna, is credit and fame when Asian Women Mean Business revolutionises the way Asian women do business across the UK. Then perhaps I would like a permanent role. Possibly also to be made a partner. Oh, and an invite to Panna’s wedding, whenever it will be. But for now, here are my more short-term requests. Recently I asked you to come up with your business wishes for AWMB to help come true, from putting you in touch with the right industry contacts, to building your online advertising model. Hence I thought it was only fair if I had a go at declaring my wishes too.

1. Make me a social media goddess.

People assume most youths are social media whizzes but we aren’t and not where it matters. We may be skilled at Facebook-stalking the people we met at the party last night, uploading bathroom selfies (that all look the same anyway) and posting statuses the morning after about our hard, hungover lives, but not enough of us know how to use social media for business, brand promotion and ultimately, to make money. That is why I am excited to be managing AWMB’s pages, running the Twitter Chats and will soon be setting up an Instagram (no vain selfies, I swear). So ladies, please continue sharing your tips on social media marketing with me. It feels great to be on my phone 24/7 but for once, actually doing something productive, a rare sensation for a student on summer break.

2. Keep me in the blogosphere.
I love having a good yap. Can you tell? When it was realised how much of a chatterbox I am, I was delighted to be asked to start blogging for the AWMB site. I was even more thrilled at the response I got from the readers which has been motivation to carry on. I want to explore issues facing Asians, facing women, facing me, that are relevant to our working AWMB members. Or I might just whinge about them in my standard tongue-in-cheek fashion. I would encourage all start-ups to have someone blogging for them. It drums up interest for the business in general and gives an insight into what it is like working for it, useful for attracting future potential employees or partners.

And finally…

3. Let me be your mini-me.
This sounds a little creepy but this is what I mean: I am following your career footsteps now in the internship and even when I head into a big corporation next year so, based on your experiences, successes and regrets, guide my decision-making, tell me when I am or about to screw up and give me all the resources I need to better myself. I do not want to be following you two round like a third wheel without also getting into the rhythm of your way of thinking and working. As I am sure you other entrepreneurs reading know, when working in a start-up having not yet enjoyed the fruits of your labour, it is important to all be on the same page, putting in the same amount of effort.

It has taken me several internships to fully apply the concept: an internship, as with most employment, works two ways. I am not solely there to do the jobs a senior does not have the time or patience to do, I am also there to tap into their brains and get the information I need to achieve what they have.

Remember, if you have any wishes for AWMB or even wishes for my next blog topic, do not hesitate to let us know!


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My bosses

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