Dadima’s: Celebrating Grandmother’s Wisdom Through Indian Cooking

Dadima’s: Celebrating Grandmother’s Wisdom Through Indian Cooking is Anneeka Ludhra’s debut memoir cookbook. 

It has a very unique format in that each chapter starts with a dadima (grandmother) who shares not only her recipes but also her stories and wisdom. We loved reading the narratives of resilience, perserverance and the hard work ethic of these incredible women. It is a solid reminder that we stand on the shoulders of great giants, women who left their countries with nothing, set up homes in the UK with limited resources and not knowing the culture and language. 

The stories and recipes intertwine seamlessly, and they are presented with passion, clarity and in a very down to earth way for people wanting to cook authentic Indian food 

The book really draws you in on the culinary journey and inspires you to not only create the recipes but also want to connect with something deeper. It is not often a cook book can do that but this manages it perfectly. 

It can be purchased directly from Anni’s website:

Highly recommended!

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