Equality is Sweet – Twitter Chat 21 Oct ’15









The ‘Equality is Sweet (Pink Ladoo)‘ Campaign is a pro bono initiative that launched in the UK on October 11, 2015 on International Day of the Girl Child.

There is a long standing tradition in certain South Asian communities where parents of a new-born boy distribute sweets (“Ladoo”) to friends and family to celebrate the birth. Yet there is no tradition to mark the arrival of a baby girl! The campaign hopes to tackle the root of inequality, especially within South Asian communities, by encouraging families to celebrate the birth of girls and boys equally by distributing sweets regardless of gender.

We often talk about gender equality in the world of work, business or other spheres yet if we don’t treat the arrival of our daughters with the same joy as sons we are starting their lives on an unequal footing. Our topic for Twitter chat this evening is inspired by Pink Ladoo who will be joining us, and we want to hear your thoughts! How can we encourage gender equality in our community? What have you done? Will we ever be treated the the same as men?

Join us live at 7pm on Twitter by following our hashtag #AsianWomenMeanBiz

You can connect with us on Twitter here: @A_W_M_B and with Pink Ladoo on Twitter: @PinkLadoo






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