We are hosting workshops aimed at women from all walks of life who are seeking answers to the big questions:

Do you know what you want in your life? 

Do you know how to make it happen? 

Are you looking for clarity on what your life’s purpose is? 

Maybe you would love to travel more, find an incredible job, start a family, meet the partner of your dreams, move in to a new home, or build a thriving business. Or perhaps your goal is to be more creative, write a novel, learn to dance, perform in music or theatre, do a TED talk, or make a positive impact on world in your own unique way. 

Whatever your dream, it’s essential to have clarity on what you want, believe that it’s possible, and take action to turn your vision into reality.

In the space of just one day at the AWMB Workshop you can set this process into motion, while sharing the experience with a group of inspiring women who want to dream big and make their lives extraordinary.

The day includes:

  • Engaging discussions
  • Guided meditation
  • Time for personal reflection and journaling, 
  • A delicious and healthy organic lunch and snacks, gourmet coffee and tea
  • Creation of your very own Vision Board (all materials included)
  • The leadership of a professional, qualified transformational coach
  • An inspirational talk from a woman who has followed her purpose to enlighten us
  • The opportunity to kickstart an exciting new chapter in your life with intention, confidence and passion!

Women who have joined us say:

‘This workshop has provided me with the self awareness, tools and inspiration to begin to make actual change in my life, and to believe that it is possible to live my dream life. I feel honoured to have been able to attend and can’t recommend it highly enough.’

‘It’s been a few weeks now since the workshop and I’m still feeling the buzz! The ladies I met, all from different personal and professional backgrounds, each taught me something unique. I’ll always feel like I can draw back to what was an amazing experience, if ever I need some inspiration or motivation! The workshop truly did stimulate me in the way that I feel prepared to start a new journey.. whatever it may be!’

‘If you’re looking for an opportunity to reset, reflect and refocus your energies and life, this workshop is highly recommended.’