Feed Your Soul OR Pay The Bills? Twitter Chat 24 Nov ‘15










Our #AsianWomenMeanBiz Twitter chat today has been inspired by this article in The Telegraph.

They quote a survey that shows young women are more likely to go for jobs and pursue worthwhile careers and not money. ‘Acording to Oxford University, which surveyed nearly 4,000 sixth formers, girls are sacrificing their careers by going for “worthwhile” low-paid jobs such as charity or museum work while boys go straight in for high-paid roles.’

The journalist @radhikasanghani states that this is something to be applauded and embraced and not to consider these girls a failure.

We want to know what you think! Can you pursue a ‘worthwhile’ ambition and make money? Or do you have to sacrifice one for the other? Can you feed your soul and pay your bills or not?

Join us LIVE at 7pm to share your thoughts and experiences! This is also a great way to network with others and ‘meet’ like minded fab women!



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