Rupinder Kaur

RupinderKaurRupinder Kaur is a pioneering British Asian business woman who has experienced and excelled in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. She is passionate about helping Asian women unlock their silent strength empowered to reach their full potential.

Rupinder, as a 3rd generation British Asian woman in business has experienced the practical challenges and the emotional impact that still exists due to the disconnects in our multi-cultural workplace. She is committed to being the voice, the curator and the connector of the British Asian community and will champion connections, education and exposing vulnerabilities in order to reach your ultimate best. With tools, training, events and a digital community, Rupinder will bring cultural psychology to the forefront of British business, make a real difference to the mindset of our workforce and remove the roadblocks many British Asian women in business still face every day.

She says ‘With AWMB we can change the landscape of the UK, by encouraging more Asian women to start and grow their business, this leads to wealth creation and huge economic benefits to the country, and society as a whole’.


Panna Chauhan



Panna Chauhan grew up in North West England in a family with strong Indian values. Both her parents were born in East Africa and independently forced to leave due to the nationalisation of the country. They lost everything and started life in the UK from scratch. As a result the core values of being responsible for our lives and creating communities has continued to inspire her professionally.

Growing up she resisted the traditional path of becoming a doctor, dentist or accountant and chose to do French and European Studies instead, which led her to passion of working with people in Sales and Account Management. Having worked on team where she was amongst the few females as well as the only Asian woman, she discovered that her mix of East and West values, combined with her femininity proved to serve not hinder her success. Although this presented challenges at times, it struck her that there was a wider cause at hand to champion as levels of diversity still remains invisible in British society.

Panna now spends her time empowering women to sell more effectively as well taking a stand for supporting more Asian Women to start and grow their businesses.

She says ‘My commitment to making a difference here, means I tap into my own experiences and relate to Asian Women in line with their potential. This opens up the possibility of them going beyond their current cultural and core comforts. I’m also a strong advocate of collaboration and have found the real magic happens when you connect such like minded women together.’