Rupinder Kaur is the founder of AWMB, a British Asian woman who has experienced and excelled in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. She is passionate about helping Asian women unlock their silent strength to empower them to reach their full potential.

With seventeen years experience in the world of human resources, psychology, coaching and mentoring she is able to utilise all her knowledge and tools to ensure women are given the support they need to lead a life they are proud of and that reflects their values and dreams. She is a mother to Daya and Sahib and understands the challenges that working mothers face but also how becoming a mother can challenge your identity as a woman, your life aspirations and trying to understand who you really are.

We offer support to women through this site by showing them what is possible through our AWMB Inspiration. These are real women from the Asian community who have followed their purpose to fulfill their highest potential. We believe that ‘you can not be, what you can not see’, by shining a spotlight on these remarkable, passionate and authentic women you will feel inspired and motivated to identify your life’s mission and follow the path! We share inspirational books and films that will help motivate, inspire your mindset on what’s possible.

We host intimate workshops designed for a small group of like-minded women to come together to explore your life’s purpose, have clarity on what you want, believe that it’s possible, and take action to turn your vision into reality.

In the space of just one day, you can set this process into motion while sharing the experience with a group of inspiring women who want to dream big and make their lives extraordinary.

We champion the advancement of Asian women across all professional and entrepreneurial disciplines by recognising excellence, promoting leadership and effectively positioning our community at the forefront of the rapidly changing corporate and business world by highlighting the achievements and honouring your efforts. 

In today’s highly competitive business and work environment, keeping pace with change is crucial but it’s important to do this whilst not losing sight of who you are. We encourage women to be authentic, have pride in our rich culture and legacy and to embrace that fully. We are passionate about supporting personal achievement and professional development. We inspire women to stay focused to reach their peak performance in all areas of their  life.