If you like what you have seen on this site and want to get involved thats great! We are looking for women who are determined to make a difference to join us by supporting us with a venue, speaking at our event or looking to intern with us. We will support you, train you and make sure you are set up for success! You will also have the opportunity to contribute to a growing cause and community that is already making national progress.

What are we looking for?

Women who are passionate and committed to our values and aim. You are personable, a natural networker, good at organising and hosting events! You are also someone with a sound business background and think big!   If this sounds like you then we would love for you to get in touch!

Join Our Twitter Chat!

You can also get involved by joining us every WEDNESDAY 7-8 pm GMT for our #asianwomenmeanbiz twitter chat. Connect with like minded women from all over the UK and world!

We are also open to having your discussion suggestions for our chats. Just get in touch with us and let us know. We will also be happy for you to host the session to get closer to our community.

Connect via the following handles: @A_W_M_B @_rkaur, @PannaSalesPro

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