How dependent are you on encouragement from family and friends?

IMG_0334Hello and thank you for taking your time to read my first ever blog!

This week on twitter I hosted my first twitter chat for Asian Women Mean Business, I suggested the topic which was, ‘How dependent are you on encouragement from family and friends?’

The discussion is held between the hours of 7-8pm every Wednesday, with the hash tag #AsianWomenMeanBiz

The hour was packed of experiences, tips and opinions. By the end of the hour I was pretty much exhausted and couldn’t bear to look at my phone screen! But I loved it!

It was great to see that it’s not only me who feels that  a little praise is great here and there and knowing you are appreciated is what counts.  Having said that I’m not dependent on encouragement and do things to make me happy. Many other ladies also felt this.

However, there was an individual who had not received any encouragement at all which put them down in taking on their career forward. This leads to some becoming weak and some stronger. Nonetheless, there were women who live by the encouragement of colleagues, clients, family and friends. The hour was full of women empowering others and sharing how much it helps them in their day-to-day lives.

Before the discussion I was just expecting answers to be ‘yesI depend on encouragement’ or ‘no I don’t’. However, during the chat it became evident that it is more complex that this. It’s important for each individual to receive some support and encouragement.

Self-drive is vital for achieving your goals, you can’t expect people to always applause you.  Encouragement is essential though, without it our motivation can waver and at low times we won’t have anyone to go to, to lift us up. Motivation is the key to success; if we don’t have that we can’t do anything. This needs to be linked to encouragement if we are constantly looked down on and no one shows interest we won’t have the determination to do anything ourselves. But on the other hand negativity can be used positively.  If we don’t receive the attention, encouragement from others and credit then SO what?

Why do we expect it from others when they think we can’t do it!! Lets use their negativity as a positive! Do it for yourself, show that you can do it and work will shine through!

Lastly, thank you to Rupinder Kaur and Panna Chauhan for giving me the opportunity to host the twitter chat. I look forward to hosting next Wednesdays too.

Thank you for reading my first blog!

You can read back on the discussion on twitter #AsianWomenMeanBiz

And join us next Wednesday from 7-8pm!

Kulwinder Kainth

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