Keep Calm…We’re Back!


Well that turned out to be a far lengthier sabbatical than expected! There are many, many, many reasons for this which quite frankly are far too boring to share in detail with you all…suffice to say the balancing of work, this platform, family life and other pressures came to a head and something had to give…sadly it was AWMB. BUT having taken some time out to focus on other priorities NOW is the perfect time to resurrect this wonderful network!

We won’t be holding events at the moment. The focus is very much on this website as a digital, online platform that connects, inspires and encourages entrepreneurial women in our community.

We would LOVE to feature women who are giving entrepreneurship a go. If you know or are an Asian Women Who MEANS Business please get in touch! We would be honoured to feature your story and business.

If you have a blog or an idea for a feature that fits in with our theme and values we would love to collaborate with you!

We are open to hearing your ideas and feedback…don’t be strangers!



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