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langley-300x300In 2014 we will be following the entrepreneurial journey of sisters Kirandeep Sangha , 31, and Pavneet Sangha, 24, as they launch their business Langley Laser Clinic. Situated on Langley High Street, Langley Laser Clinic will be home to the most sophisticated laser aesthetics from hair reduction to acne treatment to skin rejuvenation. Both Kirandeep and Pavneet work full time in corporate roles with large organisations and have followed their desire to have a business on top of all their other obligations! Our Women In Business Editor, Rupinder Kaur caught up with ladies ahead of their launch.

What made you want to start your own business?
We always had a keen interest in starting a business: making our own decisions, planning, taking risks and facing new challenges, the flexibility of setting our own hours and the associated financial benefits was a big factor too. We want to achieve something that we have built ourselves as opposed to working for someone else.

How did you come up with the idea for Langley Laser Clinic?
Having had a lot of aesthetic treatments in the past, we both thought why can’t we do this? We did our research and were quite surprised to find that there were quite a lot of cowboy clinics out there. We wanted to go down the professional route of obtaining a qualification in the industry first and then deciding whether or not this was the right field for us. We chose a reputable college to study for a BMLA and then went on to obtaining a VTCT Level 4 in Laser and Light Therapy.

The course was very intense and covered a vast array of topics and we were totally amazed with the Biology and Physics involved. We decided that want to create a professional image- somewhere where clients would be able to go, knowing that they are in safe hands- that their treatments are being carried out by professional, qualified therapists.

What’s been the toughest part of the journey?
Like a lot of women juggling work, family commitments alongside planning and training for new qualifications! Also planning, budgeting, researching a new business takes a lot of time, effort and energy.

What are your fears?
As with most new businesses we want to ensure that we have enough clients but we are confident that our quality and level of service will set us apart from our competition.

What are your hopes for Langley Laser Clinic?
Over the next 6 to 12 months we want to focus on delivering the best possible service to our clients and increase our database.  After 2 years we’d love to explore the possibility of purchasing a commercial property in which we can perform our treatments from. We’re also keen to continue to train for more qualifications in dermatology and expand upon the services we offer.

How did you come up with your business plan?
As we have set up a business account with Barclays they offered us quite a lot of support on how to write up your business plan and even provided us with a free seminar. With Barclay’s support and the information available on the Internet and books we had a vast array of examples and advice.

How have you financed the business?
We have used our personal savings and our family has loaned the remaining amount.

How have your family and friends reacted?
They all have been very supportive and excited for us. All have said it’s a great idea and they know it will work. They have helped a lot in giving advice, offering solutions, providing encouragement, helping with childcare.

How do you find the juggling with your jobs, personal life and business?
We know it will be difficult at first but it all comes down to planning and being organised. As there are 2 of us we can easily plan and organise timings between us- which helps a lot in fulfilling our roles  and  commitments.  As Kirandeep, is mum to Shaan, childcare will be another issue but I am looking at some alternatives with nurseries/ nannies.

What sacrifices have you had to make to get to where you are right now?
We have been focussed on the business and our other commitments so have not been able to spend enough quality time with family. Also, not going abroad for a holiday as we don’t have the time and funds are tied up with the business!

What are your tips for any other women wanting to start a business?
Definitely go for it and follow your dreams! Life is way too short to spend thinking about the ‘what if’s? We believe you should follow your passion. Yes, there are risks to be taken and sacrifices to be made but you will never know what you are capable of achieving unless you try. If you have a strong desire to succeed it will happen. A lot of the time women get bogged down by worrying too much and end up being afraid to try something different.

It’s not our fault, Asian women unfortunately do not have enough role models. However you will never ever know until you at least tried. The way I personally see it is I just don’t want to have any regrets-e.g 10 – 15 years down the line, I want to look back and think, yes, that was a great decision I made in my life. Yes you will have fear of doing something new- but that’s natural!

Sikh Entrepreneur will catch up with Kirandeep and Pavneet in 6 months time to see how they are getting on but for now we wish them all the very best with their new venture!

Langley Laser Clinic would like to invite all Sikh Entrepreneur readers to their launch on Sunday 2nd February, 1-5pm, 84 High Street, Langley, SL3 8JS.

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