They ask, ‘why yoga?’ I say, ‘why not yoga?’

I took my very first yoga class in 2001 (for no rhyme or reason) at a very small Ashram in Queens, New York. The teachers were what you would expect traditional yogis to look like; in orange attire with long hair and a beard. They were very heavy on pranayama practice and were keen on teaching the philosophy of Yoga. I was absolutely fascinated by the whole practice, but the therapeutic quality of Yoga swept me off my feet.

I knew from day one that if I pursue Yoga, I want to preach the therapeutic side of it and that I will become a YOGA THERAPIST! I received my 200 RYT from ‘Om Sweet Om’ in Port Washington, NY in 2011. Marriage brought me over to London in 2011, and I received my Yoga Therapy diploma from Yoga Campus in 2015.

My aim is to teach classes with a dash of my therapeutic knowledge. I believe that Yoga is for everybody. My sessions prioritize pranayama practices, self-acceptance, and self-love. 

The beauty of Yoga, is that it addresses the whole person in a way that most therapies do not.  Yoga looks at the person in layers (koshas) and addresses the needs of our modern lives in an entirely relevant way. Through Yoga, we can learn to improve our physical, mental, and emotional selves through methods we can take from the classroom and incorporate into our daily lives. 

I am thankful to the many yoga teachers who have shared their wisdom and have helped me grow and develop my own yoga practice. In return, I am honored to help others grow and develop spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Teaching various styles such as Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, vinyasa flow, and chair Yoga keeps me on my toes. I enjoy creating new sequences and flows. It is my duty as a Yoga Therapist/Instructor to give my clients/students the best of my knowledge through my teachings. My teachings have taken me to UCLH, HSBC, Vitality’s Wellness Event (Green Park), and countless one to one clients. I wake up every day, feeling blessed to be doing what I do. 

I love teaching Yoga because I am always amazed by the transformational ability of Yoga on the mind, body, and soul. My classes/sessions combine my love for the benefits of Yoga on the physical body with the ability to take powerful lessons off the mat and into the real world. I love to combine breath and movement with helping students flow and release tension and stress that builds up in our body due to everyday life demands. Pairing breath and movement helps increase body awareness and encourages the busy mind to calm down. The practice of Yoga allows each person to feel their body and breath; feel the strength and stability we forget our bodies are capable of. Self-love, a little light and/or a dash of happiness is what I hope my students experience after my class. Remember: it’s not what brought you to the mat originally, it’s that you keep coming back.

My most rewarding memory to date is from my Yoga Therapy training. So the school required three recommendations; Of the three, one came from Thomas M., who was my very first one 2 one yoga client in New York. He suffered a severe injury at work and ended up with hardware in his spine, which compromised him in many ways. His letter to YogaCampus noted the following:

“…dedicated and professional attitude toward her clients. She is steady and dependable, and I offer her the highest degree of praise as a Yoga Instructor. If I had not met her when I did, I would not have made the gains I have in strength, mobility, and quality of life. Her Yoga instruction and spirituality gave me hope when I was full of despair from constant pain and disability.

Her dedication to Holistic healing and Yoga Instruction when combined with her extraordinary work ethic and empathy for others in need of her care will serve you well, and I’m confident you will agree with my assessment in the future.”


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