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Saima Thompson : Masla Wala Cafe

Saima Thompson, is a restaurateur and blogger from Kent.  At 29, Saima was diagnosed with incurable, stage 4 lung cancer. The diagnosis came completely out of the blue with

The Impact of AWMB Workshop by Tazeen Dhunna Ahmad

I attended the first AWMB workshop last September and I can honestly say it was a catalyst for so many wonderful new openings and for deepening in my own
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Chase the Rainbow by Poorna Bell

“Because real love is light, it is fire. It catches and blows into a million sparks and it settles down on you hot and sizzling, and when it cools,
AWMB Inspiration

Abda Khan: Solicitor & Author

Abda Khan was born in inner city Bradford, England, in 1969. She was the seventh of eight children to Pakistani immigrant parents, and the first of their children to
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Asma Khan, Darjeeling Express, on Netflix’s Chef’s Table

Asma Khan, Chef and Founder of Darjeeling Express  is the first British Chef on Netflix’s Chef’s Table. An acclaimed, award winning documentary series, each episode of the series profiles

The UK’s first ever Asian Woman Festival is here!

Through culture, conversation and art the Asian Woman Festival is the UK’s first of its kind event smashing stereotypes and stigma to empower and celebrate Asian Women. The theme
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Winning. Documentary by Jacqueline Joseph

This documentary chronicles the roads to success of five world-class athletes. Intending to shed insight on their triumphs, setbacks and philosophies that led them to their victories and success.
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Maya Saffron: Empowering Women Through Fitness

Maya is a qualified personal trainer and podcaster.  She has a wisdom and maturity beyond her years and is incredibly passionate and driven to empower more women to embrace
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Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins

David Goggins is often called “The Fittest Man in the World.” He is the ONLY man in history to complete elite training as a US Navy SEAL, Army Ranger,

Ladies Of Laughter with Noreen Khan

JOY: A feeling of great happiness or pleasure. One of the things we talk about at our workshop is the significance of JOY.  The importance of bringing laughter, lightness