Cooking Up A Storm With The Little Indian Kitchen

On Sunday 17th March we treated ourselves to a wonderful experience, a private bespoke cooking lesson with Lorna Nanda Gangotra, founder The Little Indian Kitchen. Lorna was on the
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Happy Documentary

In 2005, director Tom Shadyac (behind films such as Liar Liar, Patch Adams, Bruce Almighty),  handed Roko Belic a New York Times article entitled, “A New Measure of Well‐Being
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Bijal Shah : Book Therapist

It’s no secret we love books here at AWMB and when we heard of Bijal, a book therapist who prescribes books to help others discover wonderful new books (and

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

In Sikhi, we have the concept of ‘Sangat’. The word itself is a Sikh term with its origins in the Sanskrit word ‘sangh’, which means company, fellowship and association.
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Sunny Angel: Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Reiki Grandmaster

Sunny Angel – Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and Reiki Grandmaster  As an insecure 17-year-old, Sunny caught the eye of a predator, who groomed, raped, tortured and manipulated her. After her
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How To Make A Documentary Film – Workshop

HOW TO MAKE A DOCUMENTARY FILM WORKSHOP  This 4 hour workshop, hosted by Tazeen Dhunna Ahmad, Founder of Humanity’s Heart will get you started in how to go about

Naad Yoga Workshop with Jasvir Rabban

On Sunday 17th February we hosted an intimate, female workshop with Jasvir Rabban, a talented Vocalist, Musician and Teacher of Naad Yoga with the Raj Academy.  We really weren’t
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Saima Thompson : Masla Wala Cafe

Saima Thompson, is a restaurateur and blogger from Kent.  At 29, Saima was diagnosed with incurable, stage 4 lung cancer. The diagnosis came completely out of the blue with

The Impact of AWMB Workshop by Tazeen Dhunna Ahmad

I attended the first AWMB workshop last September and I can honestly say it was a catalyst for so many wonderful new openings and for deepening in my own
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Chase the Rainbow by Poorna Bell

“Because real love is light, it is fire. It catches and blows into a million sparks and it settles down on you hot and sizzling, and when it cools,