The Divine in Her by Karishma Singh Jani

The Divine in Her

I love the Divine in her,

I worship the Lord sitting in the 

Seat of her Soul.

I see my True Self

When I look in her eyes.

I find my Now,

My always, my forever

In her loving embrace. 

I called upon the Lord

And found my True Companion

Awaiting to support me through

And heal me into Truth. 

I thank God for her presence,

I thank God for the opportunity to love her,

I thank God, even if I lose her

Because it is all You—

The planner of the paths,

The paths, and those walking along them, too. 

It is all You,

Even in loss, even in pain, 

Even in sadness, and acceptance of bitter truths. 

It is all You,

All connected as and in True Love. 

All You are is all I am,

And all I am is this, True Love. 

In its definition, in its realization,

In its living expressions,

We are all Love…

We are all Love…

We are all Love…

Karishma Singh Jani is a Queens native, with Sikh Punjabi roots. She is now in her last year of medical school, doing clinical rotations in Chicago. She has been writing for over ten years and is passionate about the healing power of creative self-expression. She encourages us to find the truth in our perspectives and to question the structures we have assumed to be true of ourselves and of our Universe. You can buy her book on Amazon and in bookstores worldwide:

You can follow her writing on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr: @karishmasjani

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