The Impact of AWMB Workshop by Tazeen Dhunna Ahmad

I attended the first AWMB workshop last September and I can honestly say it was a catalyst for so many wonderful new openings and for deepening in my own personal journey of transformation. The space Rupinder has created to bring together south asian women who are on their individual paths of change and growth is invaluable. The event brought a collective energy of support and cheerleading which has been deeply cherished. 

Rupinder provides a space for reflection, to gain clarity and to set some intentions and her innate “service” nature brings you tools and resources which offer key insights and take-aways for taking your personal and professional life into new dimensions. 

For me one of the most valued assets of the space was to meet with like-minded women who innately get the cultural biases and who I can relate to whether it’s on marriage, extended family or about the juggle of work- life-parenting balance. 

I take this opportunity to personally thank Rupinder for her belief in Humanity’s Heart and for being a vehicle of Divine light and healing. She helped resuscitate the project at a time when I was plagued with doubts as to which way to proceed. 

Through connecting me to angelic healers such as Manjit Kaur at West London Bown Therapy I have been able to support my own personal healing journey. Manjit connecting me to women such as Harinder Ghatora has further enabled me to get back on track to living with purpose and in service. It also shows how attending one event can have a knock on impact and lead to further connections.

Thank-you Rupinder for your time, dedication and presence. Your work makes a difference to our hearts.

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