The Little Big Things by Henry Fraser

The Big Little Things by Henry Fraser

“There is no point dwelling on what might or could have been. The past has happened and cannot be changed; it can only be accepted.”

A truly incredible book from an extraordinary individual, Henry is paralysed from the shoulders down due to a life changing accident on holiday at the age of 17. He shares in this memoir details about the accident that caused his spinal cord to break and what his experiences have taught him about gratitude and learning to see the world in a different way. He takes us the reader on a journey with him through his recovery, overcoming obstacles and discovering new talents and opportunities. He was previously an avid sports enthusiast playing rugby. He is now a ‘mouth artist’ using only his mouth to create beautiful pieces of art.

Henry demonstrates a wisdom beyond his age and insight into how a human being can overcome life’s toughest moments. It really made us think hard about obstacles we have faced and the difference a positive attitude can make.

At the core of Henry’s inspiring philosophy is his belief that ‘every day is a good day.’

We loved this unique and inspirational book, a defiant celebration of how to live well in the face of adversity and embrace the new opportunities life can present you with when you least expect it. The message resonated so deeply we gave 5 copies away to spread Henry’s positivity and ‘can do’ spirit! It really is a blessing of book with a powerful message – we defy you to read it and not be moved!

You can learn more about Henry’s story on his website:


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